September 25, 2008

Good News and More Poetry

So, the closing on our house is set to be tomorrow at 3:30! We are so excited about this, and we plan to spend the weekend getting the house cleaned up. We have a few projects we need to complete, which will all totally depend on how much money we have left because the plans we had last year for buying a house (when we sold our house in Kilgore) have all changed for various reasons, and now we are doing our best with what we have been blessed with. We are hoping to paint, change all the carpet (HAS TO BE DONE NO MATTER WHAT), and add a few walls in various places. It will be so nice once we are finished! I can't wait!
I also stole Cole's poetry notebook again and will post a few of the poems he has written. The first one is untitled....he didn't finish it, and he wasn't really excited about me reading it--mostly because it is a very sensitive subject for him--the accident.

Family gathers around
jet skis in water
my dad gets on and
I get on too
We start to go
a bad mistake we
made as an
unexpected BOOM
comes over the water
paramedics come as we
are taken away with
broken jet skis still floating

This next poem is called Poetry Hides and I think he wrote it over a period of time in class. I like the descriptions he puts in it.

Poetry hides in the cotton ball clouds as they soar like eagles in the sky
Poetry hides in raindrops as they sky dive into puddles
Poetry hides in the running of a river as it sings a beautiful song
Poetry hides in the glimmer of the moon as it reaches down the road
Poetry hides in the wheat fields as the wheat dances with the wind
Poetry hides in the laugh of my sister as she has fun
Poetry hides in the strict voice of my dad as he tells me what to do
Poetry hides in the thump from my brother as he stomps down the stairs
Poetry hides in the glimmer of my nana's eyes as she says good-bye
Poetry hides in my mom's smile as she tells me good job.
Poetry hides in the voice of my papa as he says "Come here."
Poetry hides in my great-grandma's soft hands as she wraps around me like an octopus
Poetry hides in a waterfall diving into the life below
Poetry hides in the aroma of a daisy as the smell dances around my nose
Poetry hides in the rumble of an earthquake as it cracks through the road

The last poem I will share is the one he wrote for Nanny. I just think it is so special that he is old enough to know her well, and has had the opportunity to get some of those thoughts on paper.

Flour color curly hair
Flour color curly hair
Flour color curly hair

board pieces clack as I
get "kinged"
cards smack down as we play
scrambled eggs hiss on
the pan as they are cooking

Happiness flows through me
as I go to her house
she is another mom
to me

Sparkling glasses hide behind
Clean ironed pants dance as
each step is taken

Flour color curly hair
Flour color curly hair
Flour color curly hair

I will write more about the house as we get in, and I will post "before and after" pictures of the work as it progresses. Thank you to all of you who have prayed with us over this summer that we would find a place. We are definitely blessed to have such good friends. May God bless you as He continues to bless our family.

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Janette said...

I am still in awe of Cole's abilities to write such beautiful poetry. Keep facilitating that love in him...that is awesome and he could really go places with that talent!