September 29, 2008

Day Two

We started the day off with Believer's Baptism at church. We had 6 people baptized, and it was awesome!! After church we changed into our work clothes, grabbed some tacos at Taco Bell, and headed over to the house for WORK!! Today we met some more of our neighbors who were very full of information about our new house. For instance, the house has been vacant for about a year and a half and the lady who lived there had 10 dogs that she kept locked up in the fireplace room. NICE! She also liked to feed any animal that would come around, so her yard was always full of raccoons....again, NICE! We got a lot of help from the youth group in the evening time. They are serious about demolition and they got quite a bit done in just a couple of hours. We worked upstairs and got all the ceilings scraped, all the carpet removed and wallpaper pulled off of walls. We also demolished a wall and downstairs removed tile from the bathroom and entryway. The students also began scraping the ceilings in the basement and that will probably be finished by Ben today. He will be working hard every day for a few weeks...until we can get moved in. Cole worked hard all day again and he is probably very sore today. I am sure he has some fun stories to tell his friends at school, though! Again, there are pics in the photos tab.

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