September 30, 2008

Day Three

Yesterday was Day Three!! It was the first day I wasn't able to work with Ben....I had to go back to the real world of an office job. When Ben got to the house, he found that we had been the victims of our youth group....they put tons of political signs in our front yard and made a sign for us to keep....It says "Welcome to your new house. Hope every day is a New Day"--our church is New Day: The that is where that sentiment comes from. Ben was able to work with Brian (our youth minister) all day on demolition, then when he got the kids from school they were more than willing to help break down some walls! What kid doesn't want to swing a hammer into a wall and see it break into pieces? It was super fun for them! Ben also got the water turned on, and the electricity is now in our name. We have been advised to have Roto- Rooter come out before we start using the plumbing consistently...mostly because the house has been vacant for a year and a half, and there are lots of trees in the yard....we don't want to flood the basement with pipes that are blocked off from tree roots. So, I will try to get in touch with them today and see about getting them out there. Ben is moving the plumbing in the master bath and the extra bathroom I can have a bigger bathroom with a TUB, not just a stand-up shower. We are combining two of the upstairs rooms to make one big master bedroom with a walk-in closet and bigger bathroom. Annalisa's room is being rearranged a bit too....we broke out the existing closet to add area to the side of her room that will back up to our room....then on the other side of her room it is shaped a bit like an "L" and it is the perfect place for a walk-in closet for her. Mostly the guest room will stay the same. He also got the closet torn out of the basement to open it up more for the boys and he will be adding some shelving and half-walls for their clothes. All in all the work is going pretty quickly right now....when he has to run the wires for lighting it might slow down a bit though. There are no lights in the ceilings in the bedrooms or the living room. For some reason the contractors in CO think everyone wants to buy lamps and have those for their lighting purposes....what idiots!!

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Janette said...

Wow, reading about all of your remodeling is like watching an episode of Flip This House! :) Way to be super-productive!!

Sara said...

Wow, you guys have taken on quite the project! I'm sure it will be fabulous when it's done, though. What a relief to finally have a place to call home! Good luck with the work - I hope it all goes smoothly so you can move in soon!