November 10, 2008

Another Weekend Update!

Saturday was the end of Week 6! We are hoping to move in by the end of this week, if I can get the painting finished up. Everything is looking so good and moving along so quickly now. We got the toilets and sinks in the 2 upstairs bathrooms, new flooring in both bathrooms, and everything upstairs is painted! I am so excited about how good it is all looking! Ben has worked himself to the point of sickness though.....just a bit of a sinus cold, but it is keeping him from resting well at night. I am praying everything gets finished up quickly so he can finally get a good night's rest!! The kids have been out of school for the past 3 weeks, which has kept him extra busy. They track back on tomorrow and will be in until the Thanksgiving holidays. I got to thinking about it yesterday and I realized that this Thanksgiving will be the first one since we were married that we won't see any family. Even when we lived in WA Jamee came and visited over the Thanksgiving holidays. I am a bit stressed and sad over this revelation. I wish I had a ton of money and could either fly someone up here or fly my whole family back to TX. I love Thanksgiving and family together....I will have to pray about this, so I won't get depressed!
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