November 6, 2008


Progress is being made on our house....slowly but surely! I am excited to say that nearly all of the upstairs is painted and ready for the carpet to be installed! We had a very busy weekend (this past weekend), and I was able to get a lot of painting done. Then, on Monday a couple of ladies from our church came over and painted the guest bedroom, my closet and my bedroom area for me. Now I only have to finish edging in the closet area, then paint the guest bathroom and the hallway upstairs. Ben has gotten the back door installed, the french doors installed,the wall put up separating the kitchen area from my office area, the wall put up separating the dining room from the living room, new flooring in the sunroom, all the lights installed in the living room, and sheetrock up in the kitchen and dining room. He has been super busy because we are doing our best to get it all finished up by the end of next week!!! Wouldn't that be sooo awesome? I am so excited that everything is coming together and it is looking so nice! There are more pictures in the photo album labeled "End of Week 5" under the Photos tab.


Wonderful Windy said...

It looks nice! I like all the colors you picked.

Amanda said...

Looks good!

Templin Family said...

It looks like a different house!!! Congratulations!