November 25, 2008

Moved In...But Not Unpacked!!

This past Saturday I dropped the kids off at the church at 8 am for Kid's Craft Day, headed back to Pastor Dennis and Becky's house, woke Ben up, and started packing our things!! Ben was extremely tired because he had only just gotten back from working in NM at 3 he didn't have much sleep, but he still worked hard ALL day. We had lots of help from our church and we had everything moved out of Dennis and Becky's in one trip (excluding bikes), and 1 trip to clean out Cynthia and Fernando's garage, and I think 2 trips to clean out Brian and Stacy's garage. In all, we were done getting things INTO the house by 5 pm. Now we just have to unpack!! We have been there 3 nights now, and the kids are sleeping great. Annalisa was so proud to find her big Dora doll and sleep with her! Today the cable guy comes so we can have cable TV and internet at our house! That is great because last night we had to go to Brian and Stacy's to watch Chuck and Heroes....which was fine for us, but not good for the kids who needed to be asleep in their beds. I will take more pics after the house is more organized and unpacked, but for now enjoy the few I have taken and posted under the Photos tab.


Wonderful Windy said...

I love your house! I can't wait to see it in person someday!

Templin Family said...

Looks great!