November 28, 2008




my friends and family who came over to my house for Thanksgiving dinner
my children who fill my house with laughter each day
Benny who has worked on our house every day for the past 8 weeks
our church family
Brian and Stacy for keeping our stuff in their garage...and working on our house
Cynthia for keeping my flowers safe
my Heavenly Father who blesses me each and every day
blogging in my kitchen on my laptop
my Dad and Lynn surprising me on Thanksgiving
Canasta at Windy's kitchen's so much fun!
sleeping late
Melissa for taking me to the NKOTB concert
my brothers who always call and make me feel special
dates with Benny
Dennis and Becky for letting us live in their basement for 6 months
bedrooms to send the kids to
homemade dinner together at the dining room table
praying with my kids before they go to sleep at night
hugs from my children
Psych, Heroes, The Office, My Name is Earl, Pushing Daisies and The Soup
Susan and Jamee and phone calls with them
being BEST friends with my husband!

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