November 21, 2008


Tomorrow is the most anticipated day of the year for our family---MOVE IN DAY!!! We are so excited that it is finally here! Ben has been in NM since Wed working for Brian's father-in-law, so he hasn't even seen the carpet yet! He will be home either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, and even though I know he will be tired, I also know he will be ready to move in to our house! Here are some pics with the new carpet......( I will post more pics as we get moved in and decorate the house)...oh and the bottoms of the walls are not painted because that is where the baseboards will eventually go....when we get enough money!!!

Master Bedroom

Office Area
Annalisa's Room
Cole enjoying being able to lay down on the floor!
boys laying on the floor in the basement


Janette said...

Yay for move-in day!! :) I know you'll enjoy yourselves!

Wonderful Windy said...

I know you are ready to get moved in and start the organization!