October 1, 2008

Day Five

I don't have any new pics for today because I didn't go to the house after work. I know that first thing this morning Ben had the Roto-Rooter guy out. For $300 he ran a camera down our sewer pipes so he could see what the problems were. Then for another $200 he fixed the problems...lots of tree roots blocking the pipes. We should be good for a while now. After Roto-Rooter he finished pulling the plumbing out of the upstairs bathrooms. They created a huge mess, so I heard, but only have one more day of demolition before the remodeling will begin. I will go over to the house tomorrow after work so I can get some pictures and I will hopefully have more to write about then.

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Janette said...

I think we're both online blogging at the same time! :)