October 27, 2008

Weekend Update!

The weekend started out with us going to a Corn Maze on Friday night. It was mine and Ben's first Corn Maze and it was pretty fun! We didn't go in the haunted maze like most of the youth did, but we had enough fun in the one that wasn't haunted! It was very dark and we only had 2 little glow sticks to guide our way! Once our eyes got adjusted to the dark it wasn't so bad, though! The kids stayed with my cousin Melissa and they went to see HSM3....which I heard was very good!

On Saturday morning 3 men from our church came to help us work on the house. They spent all day Saturday taking the flooring out of the back

room, the cabinets out of the kitchen, and getting light switches to control the correct lights! They were a HUGE help, and I am so thankful for their willingness to spend a Saturday doing dirty work! Ben and Brian stayed late Saturday evening getting new sheetrock put up where the wall had been molded. It is so much nicer now! On Sunday some more guys came over and helped finish taking the flooring out of the fireplace room, then Ben and spent until 9:30 putting new insulation in. We got 1/2 of the flooring put down as well. I cannot explain how happy I am to get those nasty cabinets out of my kitchen!!! We had our new stove, dishwasher, and microwave delivered on Saturday! They are so pretty!! I am excited about all that has been happening, even though it is a little bit at a time!


Wonderful Windy said...

It is coming together! Man what a lot of work but I am glad you have people to help you get it finished up so you can move in!

Janette said...

My favorite part is how you're all bundled up and Cole and Ben are just in a t-shirt and jeans!! :)

Caci said...

Yes, I was FREEZING!!! LOL