October 27, 2008

What Kind of Mother Am I?

I found this picture as I was looking through old photo albums I have saved on my computer. I am guessing Annalisa was at least 2 (she is not wearing a diaper), maybe 3 years old. There are so many things wrong with this picture.....like, what kind of mother am I to feed her Cheetos? I mean, doesn't everyone know how unhealthy (and addictive) Cheetos are? I should have been feeding her grapes, or apples, maybe banana slices, but not Cheetos!!
Also, what kind of mother am I to not give my daughter some pants to wear??? For crying out loud, she was probably mortified to be running around in her panties all day!
I can't help but wonder what kind of mother I am that I didn't put her in her bed when she fell asleep?? What kind of mother lets her baby fall asleep on a hard wood floor and leaves her there?? She will probably have back problems for life because of this, and I will most definitely be to blame!
And most importantly, what kind of mother takes a picture of the situation--apparently finding it cute?


Wonderful Windy said...
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Wonderful Windy said...

Let me see how many questions I can answer...Let's start at the beginning: You fed her Cheetos because at that time in her life she probably wouldn't eat anything else and she was whining and begging for them and you couldn't take it anymore and said HERE, HAVE THEM IN A BOWL! Next, She couldn't wear pants and pee all at the same time, don't you know it is much easier just to pull the panties down, but when you add pants it makes that task 4 times as hard and who needs that! 3rd, now this one is the easiest one of all, and I will answer this question with a question of my own, "What kind of mother would you be if you did pick her up and take her to her bed?" Now let me answer my own question..."crazy" because then she would most definitely WAKE UP! and we all know you already needed some peace and quiet from all the whining about the Cheetos. And finally the picture is for future reference when she thinks she is to good to sleep on the floor when she is a teenager and you can whip that photo out and remind her that she sleeps just fine on the floor!

There you have it!

Janette said...

Love it...too funny! :)