October 6, 2008

Days Seven, Eight and Nine

Friday was day seven. Work was called off early because we had plans to eat dinner with some family members that were in town, and then we had plans to watch Iron Man at our church on the Big Screen. It was our second time to see it, but there were others who hadn't seen it yet, so we had to be there...it was a night of resting! So, Saturday was the first day of Week Two! We did accomplish quite a bit this weekend, even though the pictures don't really show it. The things that were done were some of the small, behind-the-scenes tasks. John (my cousin), Ben and Brian spent all of Saturday running cables and wires so that they would be hidden in the walls. That took quite a few hours. Thanks a MILLION for all the help John John!! Jimmy spent Saturday getting all of the staples out of the floor in our living room area. This is a tedious task, but it must be done before the new carpet can be put in. GREAT JOB JIMMY!! Melissa and I worked on all the staples in the UGLY yellow linoleum that was under the tile in the entry way. We would have done more if we hadn't been told that we couldn't hammer anymore....the guys were talking to each other about the wires, and they couldn't hear each other over our hammering. Melissa did a WAY better job than I did....as she pointed out to me on several occasions! On Saturday I also began the task of taking the baseboards off the walls. When Cole saw me doing that, he immediately convinced me that he could do a better job than I was doing, so I turned it over to him! And Ben and Brian continued to work in the upstairs bathrooms. The kids learned that sheetrock will draw on the driveway just as good as chalk, so they entertained themselves drawing all over the driveway!! I love it when kids use their imaginations and are completely satisfied with something as simple as a piece of sheetrock!
On Sunday, we worked hard all afternoon. I spent several hours pulling nails out of 2 x 4's that we are re-using for the walls we are building. I probably pulled nails out of 30 boards.....it was a tough job. I have bruises and scrapes on my legs and arms, but I am so glad I got that job done. Ben and Brian got 3 of the walls put up, and they are now ready for sheetrock. We brought the youth back on Sunday night, and they did an AWESOME job cleaning trash off the floors!! WAY TO GO!! They also began the process of pulling up the bad flooring in the front sunroom. That proved to be a much harder task than we originally thought, but they did great getting it started. I am not sure what is happening today (Day 10), but I am sure I will write something about it once I find out!

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