October 8, 2008

Days Ten, Eleven and Other News

Well, days ten and eleven of work on the house have come and gone. I don't have many pics to show for it because I haven't been going over there after work due to the many miles away that it is and the high price of gasoline. But, I did go after work yesterday and I took a few pics. The guys have been working hard on sewage and plumbing. There aren't many pictures you can take of that kind of work, but as of yesterday afternoon the bathtub in the extra bathroom upstairs was put in. YAY!! Progress makes me so happy!! I know that today Ben and Brian went and bought the surrounds for the tubs and were going to get those put in. It also seems that Ben wanted it to feel more like home so he went ahead and hung a picture on the wall!

On Monday night we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner not knowing it was Kid's Night. They had face painting, a guy who could make anything you wanted out of balloons ("except a porcupine," he said), and a sundae bar. The kids really enjoyed it....well Jacob and Annalisa really enjoyed it. Cole is beginning to think he is too old for that kind of stuff! Jacob was a bit disappointed when he asked the guy to make him a triceratops out of balloons and he got back what looked like a rhinoceros with Goofy's eyeballs. Jacob rolled his eyes and made a face like, "are you sure you know what you are doing?" The man proudly exclaimed, "My first triceratops!" I don't think he knows that "Tri" means "three" and that there should have been 3 horns on top of the head, but hey he is only working for tips so I will give him a break.

On another note, yesterday morning I got a phone call I didn't expect to get. My older brother called to let me know that my Papa (my mom's dad) had died the night before. We still don't know what happened, but I fly out tomorrow at noon and land in Dallas at 3 pm. I don't enjoy flying at all, so pray for me that it is a smooth flight! The funeral will be Friday at 2 in Carthage, TX, then I fly back home from Dallas Saturday at 2 pm, so it will be a very rushed trip. I don't have many pics of Papa on my computer but this is one I do have. I am very thankful to have known my Papa for so many years because alot of people don't have their grandparents around when they are adults. I do have many fond memories of summers at his house working in the garden or playing in the woods....I will always have these memories and cherish them! He is always my Papa, and I will never forget how his voice sounded when I walked in the door and he said, "Hello, Beautiful!"

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Templin Family said...

I am praying for you guys this weekend. I hope you have a restful visit full of your personal memories with Papa.