October 13, 2008

Days 12-16, 2 Flights, & 2 Office Visits

I haven't posted much because I left town last Thursday to go back to Texas for my Papa's funeral. I went and saw the house before I left town, and when I got back on Saturday I went again and saw some more progress. It is hard at this point to show alot of the progress in pictures, but I will share the pics I have. Ben and Brian (along with some other guys from our church) have been working faithfully day in and day out for 2 solid weeks now (Saturday was the start of week 3). We are getting very close to me being able to paint.....then the carpet will be installed and we can move in! YAY! When I went and looked at the downstairs bathroom I saw that Ben had bought a new cabinet with sink! It is sooo much prettier than what was there! I am glad he has good taste!

My plane flights were pretty good considering I hate to fly. On the way to Texas I was sitting next to a lady and her baby daughter---Abbie. She asked me to hold Abbie while she went to the bathroom.....I didn't think twice about it before saying, "Sure." Abbie and I laughed and played, then I looked away for a second and felt something warm hit my leg. She had spit-up all over my leg, and it was pooling in my seat next to my leg. I only had the little napkin they give you with your drink, and while I was trying to clean it up with that, Abbie's mom returned to her seat. She was watching me clean it up which horrified her, and at that same moment Abbie spit up all over me again. Her mom started saying, "No, Abbie! No!" She then apologized profusely to me, but at that point what could be done about it? My dad's dog Bear licked it all off of me quite well when I got to their house.
When we landed in Texas we stopped on the runway while we were waiting to taxi to our gate. While we were stopped, the pilot came over the loudspeaker, "If you will notice, the "fasten seatbelts" sign is still illuminated. My computer shows me that 18 of you have already unfastened your seatbelts. What that means is that when we begin taxiing to our gate, the computer will think you have already exited the plane and the luggage doors will open and begin dropping your luggage on the runway." You should have seen how fast people began fastening their seatbelts! It was pretty funny! I had a very good visit in Texas. I really enjoyed seeing all of my cousins....all 18 of us were there together. The funeral was very nice, but it is still hard for me to believe that I won't see or talk to Papa again.

My trip home was pretty bumpy and there was a lot of turbulence during the descent into Denver....that made me pretty airsick....the reason I hate to fly! But, I made it in and was very happy to see my family at the airport.

I make it a habit of asking Jacob pretty regularly if he has any notes from his teacher or if there is anything I need to know about his day at school because Jacob is NOT one who will offer up information willingly. So, this morning before he left for school I asked, and he promptly told me there were no notes, which technically was true, but there was definitely something I needed to know about his day at school on Friday. I got a call from his teacher about an hour ago letting me know that on Friday Jacob was sent to the office for choking another student. It turns out that a girl was bothering another boy in the line at recess. The boy kept asking her to stop, and she wouldn't, so Jacob intervened. He put his arm around her and dragged her away from the other kid, thus getting himself in trouble. He told the teacher, "She was bothering the boy and wouldn't stop, so she was driving me crazy." He was sent to the vice-principal's office, but she wasn't in the office on Friday, so his teacher discussed with him what he could have done instead of trying to handle it himself. Then today during bathroom break he was brought back to his classroom by another teacher who said that Jacob and another boy were "wrestling and choking each other". Jacob denies having choked anybody today, but he did say the other boy was choking him. Either way he was sent again to the vice-principal's office, and she said he owes her recess for 2 days. I am about at my wit's end with this kid. I love Jacob to death, but he seems to make bad decisions lately and spanking and grounding him don't work. I don't know what else to do right now so I am praying for guidance. Cole and Annalisa are so NOT like that. They would die before they would get sent to the office.....Jacob goes regularly. At least his teacher told me she enjoys having him in class, and she thinks he is a great kid who makes her laugh....she agrees with me--he is all boy, and he makes bad choices before thinking about it. If you have any ideas, feel free to share!!


Amanda said...

I hate to fly as well, but will do it if I have to. I'm glad your trip was relatively uneventful, and I'm glad that I got to see you; if only for a moment. I think we will all miss Papa. It's kind of hard not too. He loved us all so uniquely!

Wonderful Windy said...

Well, about Jacob, all I have to say is be glad that you have one that keeps you on your toes and at least gives you something to think about. I just can't help but laugh just because it sounds just like him, he was just trying to help. It might not have been the right way to help but I bet the girl stopped after that! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Templin Family said...

Preach it Windy... sometimes you just have to choke people!